Integrity House

Mission and Vision



Integrity House is committed to helping individuals and families through an effective and measurable system of comprehensive therapeutic community addictions treatment and recovery support in a way that brings about positive, long-term, lifestyle change.


  1. Proven as The Best Provider of Comprehensive Addiction Services
    • Client centered holistic treatment
    • Fully integrated primary care and specialty services
    • Ahead of the curve with innovative clinical strategies
    • Offering access to the full continuum of care
  2. Serving a Diverse Population
    • Helping the insured and uninsured
    • Never losing sight of our roots
  3. State-of-the-Art Facilities
    • Modern functional primary service centers
    • Expanded sites for outpatient treatment
    • Sophisticated technology
    • All systems and processes integrated
  4. An Employer of Choice
    • Professional staff dedicated to our Mission
    • A highly skilled team
    • 100% Credentialed Clinical Staff
    • Attracting the best and providing comprehensive training and development
  5. Fiscally Independent
    • Securing new funding sources with a balance between public and private
    • Clear understanding of cost structure
    • Excellent stewardship of funds throughout the organization
    • Always able to reinvest in the agency and its staff
Integrity House